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We would like to start this recap with a massive THANK YOU to our amazing supporters.

January is historically a very slow month with very few donations coming through the door, but thanks to all of you, we have had non stop donations and are able to keep up with the furnishings of Housing First homes. 

It's incredible to know we can help so many with your donations and we are so grateful for the daily support! 

Your support has allowed us to furnish 111 homes in January and help 146 people move out of homelessness (119 adults and 27 kiddos) through Housing First.

As we move into February, we have a lot of fun initiatives that we are supporting on top of furnishing homes for Housing First participants. 

As of Feb 1, Find will be accepting donations of menstrual hygiene products for the "Should I Buy Food or Tampons" drive by YEG Rise in support of e4c. If you cannot bring in donations but would like to support virtually, you can make a donate here: https://gofund.me/f23d3093

We will also be continuing to raise money with our friends at Homeward Trust for Raising The Roof with a big push on Toque Tuesday, Tuesday Feb 2 by selling toques, masks and hats in support of our friends at CHEW Project. Grab yours any time during regular store hours or get it online here: https://raisingtheroof.org/shop/


We are so happy to be able to continue this work into 2021 and have the support of our community to help as many families and individuals as possible move out of homelessness into safe, comfortable shelter. 


Thank you, Edmonton!

Pictured from left to right: (top row) Sophie, Erin, Mikal, Pitram, Brandon, Adam, Darian, (bottom row) Beatrice and Maria all from our Retail and Processing teams. 

Dresser design: Sophie & Maria


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