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Please note that we accept clothing donations on behalf of the Bissell Centre, but we will only pick it up when we are also retrieving furniture at the same location. We ask that all clothing donations be in taped or tied plastic bags, and that the bags have no holes.

We are also an electronics recycling drop off location for Quantum Lifecycle Partners.

Please make sure recyclable electronics are labeled clearly for recycling.
We can accept the following electronics for recycling: hair dryers, heaters, irons, light fixtures, microwaves, shavers, vacuums, air conditioners, media players, clock radio, digital and video cameras, headphones, speakers, satellite dishes, answering machines, phones, modem, pagers, drills, grinders, saws, nail guns, air compressors, sharpeners, amplifiers, action figures, guitars, keyboards, microphones, ride-on toys, gaming equipment, edge trimmers, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, rototillers, snow blowers, pressure washers, weed eater. No freon products or gas powered products.

Due to allergies and safety regulations, there are certain items that we cannot accept. This is either for the safety of our staff members or regulations that are enforced by the Government. We also have limited space in our warehouse and cannot accept large appliances and furniture pieces. For a full list of what we cannot accept, please see the list above.

Unfortunately at this time, we cannot accept donations from cat friendly homes due to dander and hair which does not agree with our steam cleaner. Some dog hair types also clog up our steam cleaner. Please let our staff know if you are from a pet friendly home when scheduling a pick up or dropping off soft furniture.

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