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When you donate to Find you make an investment in your community.
All of our furnishings are donated
by community members, for community members and all proceeds stay in our community.

Every donation helps individuals and families moving out of homelessness through housing supports in Edmonton. All proceeds benefit participants to help them make their new space a home.

Each participant has the opportunity to shop through our store for their new space and are set up with a couch, a chair, a dining room set and a dresser for each bedroom at no charge to them. These items are picked from our community donations. The participant also receives a starter kit filled with pots and pans, cutlery and other much needed items to set up their new spaces. We also use donations to offer low-cost items to the public with proceeds going back into the program to offset the cost of other things needed by our participants to start their new journey in their home that are not otherwise donated by the public.

Furniture donations are thoroughly cleaned by our team of professionals. Soft furniture and items like couches and chairs are all steam cleaned and inspected for bed bugs before being put out onto the floor. Each item is sanitized in our back warehouse before it enters the retail floor space.

How we use donations.


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