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The Find Story

Find is a social enterprise with two goals: providing essential furnishings free of charge to individuals and families who are moving out of homelessness, and supplying low-cost, quality furniture and housewares for sale to the public.

The start-up cost for anyone moving into their first home is expensive, so imagine the challenges for someone moving out of homelessness. It can be a barrier for someone securing sustainable housing.

People in the Housing First program come to Find to pick out their own furniture at no cost. From kitchenware to living room sets, donations provided by you help people transform their house into their home.

Find is also a haven for
urban treasure hunters!

Only high quality and gently-used furniture, housewares,
and decor are accepted. Whether you’re furnishing your
first home or looking for a unique do-it-yourself project,
you know the items you’ll get at find are clean, high quality
and unique.

Soft furniture, such as sofas, is professionally steam
cleaned and all furniture is inspected for pests before
being placed on the retail floor. This ensures that clients
and customers alike can shop worry-free.

Find’s history.

The expense of furnishing a home can be a barrier to safe, stable housing. FIND is a social enterprise that initially started out as the Furniture bank in 2009. It has since evolved into one of Edmonton’s best and most creative used furniture and accessory store that continues to provide hope to those we serve.


Find is a social enterprise that initially started as
“The Furniture Bank” in 2009, when the Housing
First program was first introduced.


The development of the province’s and
Edmonton’s plans to end homelessness
identified access to affordable furniture as a key
component in housing sustainability.


We started collecting furniture donations to
provide to Housing First participants.


Edmonton Emergency Relief Services (EERS)
and Alberta Job Corps provided spaces but
as we grew, so did the opportunity to provide
affordable quality furniture to the public for sale,
with support going to help people move out of


In 2010, a retail location was secured and
Find was born.


In 2011, Find opened its first location in a
former grocery store in the Landsdowne


In 2017, Find opened its second location
- Find on Jasper Boutique.


We now have over 22,000 square feet of retail
space for people to shop, for Housing First
participants to select gently-used items for their
residences, and for thorough inspection of each
piece of donated furniture.

Thank you to our partners!


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