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Everything is looking a little different these days.

We are spending a lot more time at home and realizing just how important having a safe space is. Unfortunately, not everyone has that luxury. We say luxury right now because currently, basic human rights such as housing are not being met for all Edmontonians. 

While we continue to house families and individuals experiencing homelessness, we thought we would take some time to help out our amazing friends, customers, clients and housing workers who are at home and not sure what to do. 

We have compiled a list of all the cool things you can do during these trying times. Here we go:

1. Take a virtual tour of a U.S. National Park

2. Sims 4 is only $5 for a limited time. Talk about nostalgia!

3. Here is a list of all the educational site offering free subscriptions due to school closures

4. Have a virtual movie night with Netflix Party

5. Support local businesses by shopping online. We have a pretty cool website. Just sayin'.

6. Work out

7. Meditate -

8. Attend virtual church services.

9. Host a virtual dinner party on Zoom or Facetime. 

10. Learn a new language. This website offers free online courses to learn Cree There are also apps like Duolingo that are fun and easy to use. 

11. Living with ADHD and not sure how to navigate during this time? Check out for resources. 

12. Practice self care

13. Take in a Broadway Show

14. Read. Some stores are offering free delivery -

15. Play a board game.

16. Take up a new hobby like knitting or crochet. Donate what you make to local shelters. 

17. Watch some hockey - United Sport & Cycle is keeping the hockey season alive with live streams of NHL 20. Check it out on their Facebook Page -

18. Make some of those recipes you've saved and never got to.

19. Donate to your local food bank or shelter. 

20. Make some fun TikTok videos. 

21. Listen to a local Podcast. 

22. Learn a new dance. YouTube has tons of tutorials. 

23. Make some sick beats at Patatap.

24. Spring cleaning! Get those donations ready for local agencies.

25. Learn something new at Coursera

26. Learn some sweet magic tricks -

27. Get some take out or delivery from one of the amazing local restaurants in Edmonton. 

28. Rearrange your space.

29. Build a fort.

30. Write a letter to a friend or family member. 

31. Do a puzzle.

32. DANCE PARTY! We suggest the top hits of the 2000s. Did someone say Macarena? 

33. Make a music playlist and share it with your friends.

34. Draw.

35. Paint your nails.

36. Clean your windows. Easy solution: Sunlight dish soap, vinegar and water. Use newspaper to wipe clean.  

37. Upcycle a piece of furniture. Pinterest has some pretty cool ideas.

38. Clean up your shoes. They probably need a good scrubbing.

39. Make a photo book.

40. Put together a care package for someone in need. 

41. Hop on Buzzfeed and take a quiz or two. Don't pretend you don't care about what vegetable you are based on your interior design choices. 

42. Take a virtual Disneyland ride

43. Visit a museum (virtually)

44. Tag us in a photo of your favorite "FIND" on social media - @findyeg

45. Relive the epic 2019 Raptor's Championship run on TSN & Sportsnet. Starts March 20. 

46. See how the bears hibernate and get some tips

47. Create a gallery wall in your home

48.Neil Gaiman has you covered with stuff he thinks is cool

49. Banff Mountain Film Festival Films Online for Free

50. Check out the entire NASA catalog

51. Lonely Planet has released a bunch of really cool virutal tours from around the world

52. Do a Pub Quiz from the comfort of your own home  -

53. Take a tour of the NHL Hall of Fame

54. Much Music posted all the of Intimate and Interactive performances (does it make us old that we actually saw these in real time?) -

55. Spread some joy and chalk up your side walk with positive messages for people who are out getting some fresh air.

56. Learn the Law. The Supreme Court is offering all kinds of (fun) reading -

57. Do some I SPY with these awesome printable 

58. Michelin-Star Chef Massimo Bottura Is Offering Free Cooking Lessons On His Instagram

59. Catch up on your WWE for free

60.  Visit the zoo from the comfort of your own home

 61. Get that Ivy League education you've always wanted with free courses Harvard, Yale and more

62. Take in a local show from your

63. Metallica is streaming shows every Monday on their YouTube and Facebook channels

64. Fred Penner is doing a live stream on March 29th at 2pm CST on his Facebook & Instagram! Check it out!

65. Learn how to play an instrument through Fender Guitars. They are offering three months of free lessons -

66. Not safe for kids: Play Cards Against Humanity with your friends virtually! -

67. More concerts to watch from the comfort of your own home -

68. Have Dolly Parton read you a bed time story -

69. Adopt a grandparent

70. Do a daily quiz with Jimmy Carr

71. Hang out with a koala or two

72. Live stream some shows from the Met Opera

73. Take a (virtual) trip to Vancouver

74. Take a free stress management course through Shoppers Drug Mart until June 15 -

75. Vancouver didn't do it for ya? Try a tour of Montreal

76. Recreate your favorite piece of art with stuff you have at home

77. Listen to Samuel L. Jackson read you a book -

78. Audible is streaming audiobooks for free right now

79. Learn to draw Baby Yoda

80. Get your Smart Serve certificate for free during the month of April -

81. Get caught up in the world of wizarding with Harry Potter at Home -

82. Drive Thru board games in St.Albert

83. Make your favorite Disney Land treats at home

84. Take in a virtual moving screening with Metro Cinema

85. Have Kevin Conroy read you Batman -

86. How about a musical comedy with Andrew Lloyd Webber?

87. Take in a Cirque Du Soliel performance

88. Learn how to take better photos

89. Make Ikea's famous Swedish meatballs

90. Take a tour of an Egyptian Tomb


We will continue to update this list as cool new ways to pass time pop up. Make sure to check back often! 


Stay safe, practice social distancing and be well. 


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