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Find has been chosen as the community initiative of choice by James Grant, 2021 World Class Bartender Of The Year, for his entrance into the World Class Global Finals for the Kettle One Hive Collective competition. His initiative is called Raise A Glass and it kicks off this week with venues being announced daily. 

James says this about the initiative: "Raise a Glass is an ongoing initiative meant to bring the hospitality community together in support of the work being done by Homeward Trust and Find, two organizations actively improving the lives of some of our most vulnerable neighbors. These organizations work to help move those experiencing homelessness in our city into a home safely, and sustainably.

I feel very privileged to be able to work with both organizations, multiple venues across the city, and Ketel One to create a program that will help those in our city who need it most.

Hospitality and caring for those around us is at the heart of what we do as bartenders. Everyone deserves to be taken care of and welcomed, and we’re able to do it."

How it Works
Raise a Glass starts by purchasing vintage glassware from Find. These glasses are then included with Kickstart Martini cocktails sold at a dozen venues across Edmonton.

Each glass leverages bartenders’ excitement sourcing unique glassware, removes glasses from cycles of production and waste, and reminds guests of the work that Homeward Trust does in our community. With Ketel One’s support, 100% of Kickstart Martini sales go back to Find, supporting their work in our community.

Raise a Glass also provides Housing First participants with a lavender plant - a
housewarming gift and central ingredient in the Kickstart Martini. This is a small touch to make a new house a home, and provides our neighbours with a lasting touch of hospitality.


Venues will be announced this week and we will be sure to update as they are.

To learn more and support this awesome initiative, give James a follow on Instagram (@oldgrayrabbit) and check out the Difford's Guide website to learn more about the competition.


UPDATE: On July 9, 2021 Diageo has awarded James Grant the title of Global World Class Bartender of the Year 2021 in the event’s first virtual global final. Congrats to James on this great acheivement!


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