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In 1998, the Big Cities Mayors’ Caucus of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) declared homelessness a national disaster and soon after, it was declared that November 22nd was National Housing Day across Canada. 

In Edmonton, we consider November National Housing Month. A time to focus our efforts with many agencies across Edmonton to bring awareness to the need of safe, affordable housing and strategies to end homelessness in our City. 

Affordable housing is the foundation for stable, healthy communities. It supports people, improves our neighborhoods and strengthens our economy. Safe, secure, affordable homes give individuals and families the opportunity to build a better life. This is why affordable housing is a top priority for so many organizations throughout the Edmonton region.

It is so much more than just a roof overhead. Home provides stability, supports families, builds communities, encourages personal growth and improves lives. A safe, secure home is the foundation for someone to build a better life.



To learn more about how you can get involved in National Housing Month and about different events happening around the city, please head to the Housing Month website:



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