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Ever wonder what happens once a participant has completed their furniture pick at Find? How do they get their new items to their new homes?

We've got a crew for that!

Each item that comes off the floor after a furniture pick is sorted by our processing team who go through the "pick sheets" that the Furniture Bank Coordinator makes with the client and take the items off the floor to the back of our warehouse. The items are then staged in a special area for the trucking crew to load the trucks with the next day. 

Example of a staged pick. This is for a 3 bedroom home.


Once everything is staged, our dispatch team schedules and assigns each delivery to one of three trucks that will be out on the road doing deliveries and pick ups. 

Every morning, our team makes phone calls to the clients or their Housing Worker to let them know what time to expect the truck and all their pre-picked items. The team loads the trucks based on the idea that the last delivery are the first items in the truck to make off loading easier for everyone, and then they are on the road!

Upon arriving at each the delivery, the crew makes contact with the Housing Worker and introduces themselves to the participant. Once they have the opportunity to check out the space to see how many flights up they have to go, if there is a basement and double checking that the items will fit through the doors, etc, they being the unloading process. Each crew brings the items into the participants space and works with them to make sure that the items are being placed in the correct spot, and help as much as possible to set up the area. 

This is the final process a participant goes through before having the opportunity to set up and enjoy their new space. Our team is incredibly honored to be a part of their new journey. 

The trucking crew also helps to facility donation pick ups and customer deliveries throughout the week once our Housing First delivers have been completed. 

Find offers a free pick up service for those looking to donate large or multiple furniture items.You can schedule a pick up on our website or by calling the Dispatch Team at 780.988.1717. 

Find also offers delivery for a charge of $99 for up to 5 large items within Edmonton and surrounding areas. 

The Find Trucking Crew is an integral part of the work that we do to end homelessness in Edmonton. 

We are proud to work with a great group of people who are so passionate about the work that they do with us and the incredibly positive impact that they make on our community every day!

Want to meet them? Book a donation pick up or schedule your delivery today!

Pictured: Rhys, Thomas, Kyle, Darren, Scott & Antonio. 


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