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Find is pleased to announce that in July 2019 we were able to help 175 people move out of homelessness and furnished 113 homes through the Housing First program. That means that 118 adults and 57 children now have a place to call home. 

These numbers are really special to us because they show how much our program has grown over the past few years. In July 2015, we reported having furnished 50 homes through the Housing First program. That was a HUGE number for us. In just a few years we have been able to more than double that number! 

It's incredible to see what we can do when the community comes together and helps support those who need it most. 

Thank you, Edmonton! We are honored to be your choice of donation locations and even more honored that we get to use those donations to help people get a fresh start in their new space. Your donations literally change people's lives. 

We cannot wait to continue to grow our program and help more people. 

How can you help? Shop at the stores, spread the word and keep donating!

We have our annual Donation Drive and Community BBQ coming up on Saturday August 17th at the Find Retail + Donation Centre (5120 122 Street) from 11am-3pm. Help us fill the trucks and join us for fun, entertainment and good food!


Pictured: Will, Furniture Bank Assistant and Brandon, Processing


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