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Find is a social enterprise that initially started as “The Furniture Bank” in partnership with Edmonton Emergency Relief Services (EERS) and Alberta Job Corps in 2009, when the Housing First program was first introduced and the development of the province’s and Edmonton’s plans to end homelessness identified access to affordable furniture as a key component in housing sustainability. We started collecting furniture donations to provide to Housing First participants.


In 2010, a retail location was secured and Find was born.

In 2011, Find opened its first location in a former grocery store in the Landsdowne neighborhood with a dedicated space for our partners, Bissell Centre, to accept clothing donations.


In 2011 we were able to furnish a total of 525 homes for Housing First participants and from 2009 - 2012, we furnished over 2200 homes with donations from the community. 


Since then, Find continues to grow and change while maintaining our main goal: ending homelessness in Edmonton. 


We have seen the success of a pop up boutique location, started an online shopping experience and renovated our space more times than we can count to best support the work we do for Housing First. 


Last year, we were able to help over 2500 people move out of homelessness and furnished 1583 homes for participants in the Housing First program. 



Today, we are able to furnish 9-14 homes a day and are focused on helping as many people as possible move out of homelessness into a new comfortable safe with donations from the community. 


We can't wait to see what the future brings for our participants and our community!



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