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You may have noticed that Find has changed a little bit over the past few months. We have adapted a really fun new color pallet to add to our classic orange and brown, changed up our logo and are using the tag line "Find Your Feel Good".

We are so excited to have finally launched this new look and campaign and to share it with all of you!!

Find is first and foremost a furniture bank that supplies home furnishings to families and individuals who are moving out of homelessness free of charge to help them start their new journeys.

Housing First is a philosophy and a program that involves moving people who experience homelessness into independent and permanent housing as quickly as possible, with no preconditions. It then provides them with additional supports and services as needed. Homeward Trust Edmonton and Find embrace the principle of Housing First—that every person has the right to a safe, secure home.

In 2018 alone, Find was able to furnish over 1400 homes for people who were experiencing homelessness. This is all thanks to YOUR donations and support of our retail locations. 

When we talk about "finding your feel good" it really encompasses every aspect of what we do at Find. Whether donating items to those in need makes you feel good, finding the perfect item you have been searching for, picking out items for your new home, working with us or even just finding a really cool something at a price you just can't beat. You can always find your feel good with Find. 

We have been working so hard on this campaign with our friends at Makespace and are so happy to be bringing it to all of our amazing supporters. 

This campaign has been so well received so far by the community and we are proud to announce that we have won some really coveted awards thanks to our photographer Adam Borman, our designer Justin Kowalczuk and the amazing Makespace team. 

Below is a list of awards received for this campaign: 

ACE Awards (Advertising Club of Edmonton)

  • Distinction Award for Social Post: 50% Off Lamp Sale 
  • Distinction Award for Not-for-Profit Campaign

ANVIL Awards

  • ANVIL Award for Art Direction: Find Your Feel Good
  • ANVIL Merit for Photography: Find your Feel Good

Applied Arts (Spring 2019 Photography and Illustration Awards)

  • Find Your Feel Good Photography

We are honored to be working with such talented individuals in Edmonton and are excited for what the future has to offer for our new and improved Find brand.

If you would like to "find your feel good", check our our website and find out how you can get involved with Find. 


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