February 2020 Housing First Numbers – findedmonton

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Even with the extra day this year in February, the month seemed to fly by!

We were so excited to participate in Raising the Roof's Toque Tuesday, the donation drive for No Woman Without, raise money for our friends at Bent Arrow Healing Society and help our amazing customers with Leap Day birthdays celebrate in style. 

With all the fun and excitement of the month, we were also able to help furnish 107 homes with your donations, Edmonton! 

Together, we moved 169 people (112 adults and 57 kids) out of homelessness in February. 

We are blown away by the awesome support of our community yet again! 

We've been quite introspective over the past few weeks while planning our 9th anniversary celebration (happening March 7th at the Find Retail + Donation Centre), and it has put into perspective just how incredible the support we have gotten from the community over the years has been. 

Edmonton, you've allowed us to thrive for 9 years. You've donated, you've shopped, you've helped 1000s of people find a new place to call home and helped them give that space a personality. You've helped people get a fresh start, a new journey and have helped to create so much hope for those who need it most. 

We are so honored to do the work that we do in this community and really want to THANK YOU for allowing us to continue helping people and building a stronger community in Edmonton. 

Together, we can end chronic homelessness. 


Models: Kyle, Trucking Crew and Ezra, Retail Squad


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