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This photo has a combined total of 21 years of passion and dedication to ending homelessness. 

We are very excited to announce that August had a lot of really important anniversaries for us.

Front left of the photo we have Annabella who just celebrated her 7th anniversary with Find. Annabella works with the processing team and a big part of her job is to put together the kitchen items for our Housing First participants. She sorts through all the donations to find pots and pans, plates, cutlery, cups and everything else our participants need to get their kitchens ready. She brings a lot of light and laughter to our team and we are very proud to work with her. 

Next to Annabella, on the bottom right, is Diane. Diane has been with Find for 6 years and through that time has coordinated the entire Housing First Furniture program through the south location. She plays a very important roll on the team and is the first point of contact for our workers and our participants. She has grown the program so much that we have just added a second person to the team to help us do more furniture picks every day. Diane brings so much empathy and compassion to her role and so much to everyone she works with. 

Top left we have Janine who is the Marketing & Donations Coordinator at Find. She started off at Homeward Trust in the role of Volunteer & Events Coordinator for 3.5 years before moving over to Find in November of last year. She's the one chatting with you on the social media accounts.(She's having a hard time writing about herself and hates being in front of the camera - haha)

Next to Janine we have David, General Manager of Find. David started off his career at Find as the Retail Manager for the Find Retail + Donation Centre and managed the store for 2 years before moving into his new role as the General Manager last year in November. David loves Find. He is driven, hard working and always doing what he can to make our company the best it can be. We are so grateful to have a leader like him on our team. 

Next to David is Ezra who has been with Find for 1 year as a Retail Associate. Ezra is the definition of positivity - he always has a smile on his face and is always boosting team morale. He's a team player and loves getting to meet all the amazing customers that come through the door at the South location. He is always on the hunt for cool vintage VHS, video games and cameras. Definitely brings a lot of fun to our team. 

Today we celebrate everyone on our team and the amazing accomplishments we achieve together to end homelessness in Edmonton. 


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