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Believe it or not, before the sleek, compact designs of the DVD and Blu-ray, there existed old-school VHS tapes, the clunky beginnings of home cinema. A precursor to today's "Netflix and chill," there was "Blockbuster and rewind," which required much more effort for a much simpler, clunkier reward.

Many memories from VHS tapes lie in the minds of millennials and the preceding generations, probably about the experience of going to pick out a title at your local video store. The feeling of utter disappointment when you went to grab the box of a movie you have been dying to see and it has already been rented. Drat! Waiting for a tape to rewind because you forgot to rewind it after the last time you watched it. The feeling of slicing the plastic on a brand new tape. Whoo! You can't get better than that.

Find Retail + Donation Centre can help you relive the fond (and sometimes frustrating) memories of the VHS tape. 

We have 1000s of titles to choose from starting at just $0.50 each. Classic titles like Titanic, Aladdin, Pretty Woman and, yes, even Armageddon (we have a few copies of that one). We even have some obscure titles on the floor for the collectors. 

We heard a rumor recently that a high end retail chain has been selling vintage VHS bundles of 5 movies for over $40! At Find you can pick up a mystery bundle of 7 tapes for $2! That is approximately 14 hours of entertainment and you will still have money in the bank to go out to the movies and see that new flick that has caught your eye. Not to to mention, your purchase helps benefit individuals and families transitioning out of homelessness. Win/Win!

Swing by our South location located at 5120 122 Street any time Monday through Friday from 9am-6pm and Saturdays from 10am-5pm to grow your VHS collection!

Oh, and don't forget to be kind... and rewind.


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