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As the risk of COVID-19 continues to rise at rapid rates, we here at Find want to make sure we are keeping our staff, customers and Housing First participants as safe as possible against the spread of this virus. 

We have recently audited our health and safety protocols to make sure we are doing the best very to create a healthy and safe environment for everyone. 


Find's expectations:

- Everyone must wear face coverings.

- Keep distance as much as humanly possible.

- 20 folks in the store at a time.


Despite our best efforts to be clear about the shopping experience at Find, we have had MANY incidences where people are coming into the store and not respecting the guidelines we have set out. This causes a lot of anxiety to our staff and can make for a really uncomfortable experience for both staff and customers. 

Here is where we stand:

We think masks are great! We trust the science and we know that they help limit the spread of transmission. Not to mention they are a cool way to show your community members you care about their health and wellbeing. 


Masks/face coverings are mandatory in our store.


Whether you are shopping or picking up an item, you must wear an appropriate face covering to be inside our building. 

We have not implemented this policy for any reason other than we want to keep people safe and healthy. 

As our friends over at The Nook Café like to say: "Wearing is Caring!"

We have recently renovated our space, so there is not as much room to social distance on the floor and we know that the best way to keep the spread down is to wear a mask and wear it properly. 


Another issue we are seeing is people coming into the store with the mask on properly and then either taking it off, wearing it under your nose or pulling it down to talk to an associate. 

Here is an infograph from The Government of Alberta on how to properly wear a non-medical mask:


Now, you might be wondering, "What about folks who can't wear a mask?". We understand that everyone's situation is different. We will try to be as accommodating as possible, but please ask to speak to a manager if you cannot wear a mask. With that said, exemptions will be made on a case by case by our managers and we ask that you respect their decisions as they are making the best call for our business and the health and safety of everyone involved. 

We have also upped the capacity of our online store to better accommodate shopping from the comfort of your own home.


We understand that times are hard and anxieties are high. We also understand that some folks are having a hard time sourcing information and knowing what to believe. We even understand that you might not think that masks work, but we ask that no matter what your reasons are for being frustrated or upset that you please be respectful to our staff. They are doing their best to uphold the company policies and it really ruins their day when they get yelled at for it. 


We appreciate your cooperation as this COVID stuff is tough, y'all. We are all just doing our best to be good neighbors and help people move out of homelessness!


TL:DR - Please wear a mask and be nice to our staff. 


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