Real Talk With Ryan Jespersen - Homelessness Panel Jan 21, 2021 – findedmonton

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A great panel was put together today on Real Talk with Ryan Jespersen about homelessness in our city and what that looks like for especially young people in Edmonton.

The conversation started with Margo Long (YESS), Cynthia Puddu (Grant MacEwan), and Chris Beausoleil (Niginan Housing) speaking to struggles of young people facing homelessness, what is in place to support them and some of the new resources that will be available to them in the coming year. 

The panel then shifted to include Cheryl Wiskeyjack (Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society), Jordan Reiniger (Boylestreet Community Services), and Susan McGee (Homeward Trust) talking about the shift in the homeless sector due to the pandemic and what needs to happen moving forward to make sure everyone has access to their basic human rights: a safe home.


The call to action from the panel is heavy on the need to educate ourselves about housing and homelessness in Edmonton, really understanding the possibility and potential of individuals and to keep it going! 


Definitely a great way to spend 45 mins and gain some knowledge. 

Tune in at 1:12:30 to watch the panel here.


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