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IKEA nailed it with this one - Check out the commercial here!

We are BIG fans of reusing and re-purposing items.

You might not need that lamp, couch, dresser, etc; but we know a lot of people who would be ecstatic to be its new owner!

Help us provide these much needed items to those starting their new journeys in their new homes.

As the old saying goes, "one person's junk is another person's treasure".

Every item you donate benefits those transitioning out of homelessness. Talk about feeling good!

Want to make a donation?

Our donation doors are located at the back of the building at Find Retail + Donation Centre (5120 122 Street) and we accept donations during regular business hours (9am-6pm Monday through Friday and 10am-5pm on Saturdays).

Multiple big items to donate? Schedule a pick up! Fill out our online form: or call the store: 780 988 1717.

Shop. Donate. Make a difference.


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