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We'd like to take a moment to introduce you to a new member of our team, Sarah!

Sarah comes to us from the East Coast with tons of experience in retail and we are so excited to have her on Team Find!

Learn more about her here:


What's your name?

Sarah Gamble


What’s your new role at Find?

Retail Supervisor!


What drove you to work at Find?

The mission behind Find, the culture, and the people just made my heart sing. I knew I could do good here and be apart of something wonderful.


Why is ending homelessness important to you?

I like to remember that we are all much closer to experiencing homelessness than we will ever be to experiencing opulent wealth. I personally know many who have experienced homelessness in some form, and the stigma around it needs to change.


What are you most excited about in your new role?

The people; From the community, the customers, the people we help and the staff! I have found myself apart of something much greater and diverse than I could ever imagine and cannot wait to continue to work with and for those around me with Find’s mission and vision as our shared guiding compass!


Why is this your favorite item in the store today?

I have a shelf that I got very excited about because I could find little things to make a warm and fun space the reminds me of my home out east. The retail team saw this and I have now seen them add items they think I will love to the space! What a warm feeling to walk into every day!  


Make sure you give Sarah a big FIND welcome if you see her on the sales floor!


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