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We are so excited to announce that Find will be featured in CBC's Our Edmonton starting today at 10am. 

During this feature, you will get a chance to meet Margaret. Margaret is a participant in our Supported Referrals program through Pregnancy Pathways. She is a mom who has previously experienced homelessness and is moving into a new home this week. She came to Find to pick out some furniture for her new space and gave us the opportunity to follow her through, what we call "a pick", to get her ready for when new baby comes. 

At Find, we do between 6-10 of these "picks" a day with individuals and families transitioning out of homelessness. Participants have the opportunity to come in and choose a couch, a chair, a dinning set, coffee or side tables, a dresser for each room of the house or apartment, TV stand, lamp, bookshelf and art for their home. They are also given a bed, pots and pans, dishware, a TV and vacuum. If we have items like coffee pots, microwaves and toasters donated, they are also given these items. We are so lucky to have the support of both the Government of Albert and the Government of Canada to supply new beds, TVs and vacuums to our participants. 

Once our participant(s) have picked their items, our team takes all the items to the back warehouse and stages them for delivery the next day. Yes! We also deliver the items! Our Shipping/Receiving team loads all the items onto the truck and meets the client and their Housing Worker at their new home to deliver the "new-to-them" items. 

We are so grateful to Margaret for sharing her story and letting us film this part of her journey with us. She was so thankful to receive these items and sends a special "Thank You" to those who have taken time to donate their furniture to Find to help her and people who have been in similar circumstances. 

Tune in this weekend to learn more about Margaret, Find and what we do in the community. The special will be airing Saturday at 10am, Sunday at 12pm and Monday at 11am on CBC. You can also catch us online at and on CBC Radio around 7:30am on Saturday. 


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