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Meet Ken and Dash, two very important members of the Find team!

Ken and Dash work for a company called Orkin who specialize in pest control. 

Ken has been equipped with award-winning training and exceptional expertise and helps guide Dash through the store to sniff out bed bugs.

They come to the store on a regular basis to make sure we are pest free, help train our staff and help us maintain our operations to ensure the highest quality of service to our clients and customers. 

We love coming into the store and seeing little paw prints on the furniture! Dash does a fantastic job making sure we are pest free just using his nose!

Bed bugs emit a unique scent that no other insect does. Because dogs have a sense of smell that is 40 times better than a human’s they can detect odors that we can’t.

Using their keen sense of smell, bed bug detection dogs sniff along crevices, around and in furniture and in any other area bed bugs are known to hide or lay eggs.

When they detect the odor indicating a bed bug is present they notify their handler with an alert. Typically this means sitting down, looking at the handler and then pointing with their nose to the area they have detected.

We are happy to say that Find continues to have clean reports week to week. 

We love our community partners and couldn't do the work we do without them! 

Thank you Ken and Dash! Can't wait for next week's visit! 



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