March 2021 Recap – findedmonton

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Time seems to be just hopping on by these days. Feels like just yesterday we were updating community on what we have been up to and already it is time to do it again!

March brought us to a space where we got a chance to reflect on a full year of housing people during a pandemic and how much has changed for the best and for the not as great. 

We've seen a lot of positives come from this experience. The support of our communities, funding from our governments and the understanding that home is essential. Home is a human right. Home is necessary for EVERYONE to be safe and valued. 

We reflect on the hard work that our housing teams have provided and continue to provide not only finding homes for participants, but making sure we have resources available for those in need. Often times these folks are working double shifts and supporting Tipinawa shelter or the COVID-19 medical isolation facility.

So many people have generously put their health and safety at risk to help our most vulnerable friends find what they need to be safe and comfortable and we are so honored to share space with this sector of amazing individuals who bring joy and comfort to so many people in need on a daily basis. 

Here's to you. All of you. We extend all of our thanks and gratitude to you. 

Because of these hardworking individuals and the generosity of our great city, Find was able to furnish 146 homes with community donations, moving 202 people (158 adults and 44 children) out of homelessness and into their new home. 

Thank you to everyone who has helped us support so many in such trying times. 

We are better together and together, we can end chronic homelessness! 


Pictured: Diane and Mary, Housing First Furniture Bank Coordinators

Dresser art by: Andrew Harrison, Operations Manager


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