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It isn't always easy to to have the home you want with the budget you have, so we've put together a couple of ideas to help you make your house a home without spending a fortune!

Your home should tell your story. It's an extension of you!  The idea is to create a space that’s just for you. You can start by picking items that are personal to you and that make you happy. You then design your space around those items by adding small touches and accents that tie everything together. 

Here are some ideas: 

Make your couch & bed ultra comfy with some cushions and throws.

Who doesn't love coming home to a nice comfy spot to watch TV or read?! Cushions and throws are a great way to add color and accent your home while also making that space comfortable and warm. Throw pillows are only $3 at Find Retail + Donation Centre and you can find throws at other thrift stores or stores like Winners or Home Sense. 

Add some indoor greenery or flowers. 

There are many health reasons for having greenery in your home including reducing carbon dioxide levels, increasing humidity, reducing airborne dust levels., and keeping air temperatures down, but they can also help to reduce noise and they look great! Both Find locations carry fake plants and pots and vases that are very cost friendly and easy on the budget. 

Hang up a print, or try a gallery wall. 

Art pieces are a great way to add color and personality to any space. It helps to chronicle our lives  and experiences over time. Finding a great piece can really tie a room together. Gallery walls are also really popular and easy to put together. You can integrate personal photos, prints and paintings. The possibilities are endless. Gallery walls also give you the opportunity to change things up often. Both Find locations offer a wide variety of art pieces that range in price from $2 to $200. There really is something for everyone.

We also carry picture frames at the Find Retail + Donation Center which range from $1-$15 dollars. Another cool idea is to spray paint photo frames to add texture and color consistency throughout the home. 

Display Your Books

Books are an incredibly affordable décor trick for making a home cozier. Find Retail + Donation Centre sells a bag of books for $5 and Find Boutique on Jasper has vintage and antique books starting at $10. Find your favorites and display them around your house in places like window sills, floating shelves ($10 at Find Retail + Donation Centre), books cases (starting at $20 at Find Retail + Donation Centre), desks (starting at $25 at Find Retail + Donation Centre), under stair cases and cubed shelving (starting at $10 at Find Retail + Donation Centre). The possbilities are endless. 

Buzzfeed has a cool collection of clever ways to display books here

Use bookshelves for more than books.

Bookshelves are a great way to display your favorite knick-knacks, pictures, plants and personal items that you aren't sure where else to put. The mixture of items on a shelf help to bring out your personality while also displaying some of your amazing treasures. Both Find locations have a wide variety of great items to incorporate into your shelves starting at $1. 

Blend Old and New Incorporate Vintage Finds

Mixing antique and modern furniture helps create an individualized and multi-layered interior that reflects your unique taste and personality. So, instead of decorating with the same style (like most people), get creative and incorporate some great vintage and antique pieces in your space. A cool accent chair or great antique table or dresser will draw texture and style, while keeping your modern look. The best part is, you don't have to worry about perfectly matching finishes. You can coordinate them. Chairs start at just $15 at the Find Retail + Donation Centre and tables and dressers start at $25. We also carry a great collection of vintage tables and chairs at the Find Boutique on Jasper. 


Add visual space with a mirror or two.

Mirrors give the illusion of more light in your space and they can also make a room feel larger than it really is, which is great when you're living in a small home or apartment. of course you have mirrors in your bathroom, but think about adding a mirror in your bedroom, entry way or hallway. Find Retail + Donation Centre has mirrors starting at $15.00.

A.B.O.T.H. (Always Be On The Hunt)

Thrift stores are constantly getting in new merchandise. The Find Boutique on Jasper gets a new shipment of goods every Thursday, while Find Retail + Donation puts out items daily. We also try to update our Instagram stories daily with new items. Shop often to find that item you've been looking for!

Get rid of something super old or not to your style.

We'll take it! Find loves donations of all kinds and we offer a free pick up service for large items such as couches and dining tables. Want to know more about what we accept? Check out the list here! You can schedule a pick up on our website under the donate tab or call the team at 780 988 1717. 

Create some memories. 

Throw a dinner party, invite friends over for a game night or a host a little Sunday brunch. The happier you are with your space, the more time you are going to wan to spend there and the more you are going to want to show it off! 

These are just a few suggestions to help get you started and we would love to be a part of that journey to making your house a home. Stop by one of our two locations to find your feel good today! 

Find Retail + Donation Centre

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Open Monday- Friday from 9am-6pm and Saturdays from 10am-5pm. Closed Sundays and Holidays. 

Find Boutique on Jasper

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