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What is CAEH19?

The Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness Conference happens in a different Canadian city every year. It brings together hundreds of people and organizations working on ending homelessness in their cities. Participants will share knowledge, best practices, and experiences to help each other work towards our goals of ending homelessness across Canada. This year Edmonton is proud to be hosting the Conference

CAEH19 will feature presentations by policy makers, funders, researchers, advocates, community leaders, frontline workers, and people with lived experience. Some of the topics they will talk about include Youth, Women’s, Rural, and Indigenous Homelessness; as well as programs, strategies, and challenges faced by the Housing and Homeless-Serving systems across Canada.

The Lived Experience Scholarship

Engaging people with lived experience is essential to ending homelessness and an important part of the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness 2019 Conference. With that in mind, CAEH19 is offering a Lived Experience Scholarship program so people with lived experience of homelessness can participate in the Conference barrier-free. The Canadian Alliance has already selected 25 people with lived experience from across Canada, and now the Host City will send up to 25 people with lived experience from Edmonton to join the Lived Experience Scholarship cohort of CAEH19.

Applicants may currently or formerly experience homelessness. Scholarship winners will receive Conference registration, which gives you access to the Conference’s programming and associated Cultural programming and services. You will also be given a $75 to help you take care of any expenses that you may run into during the Conference.

Get the application form HERE

Please send the completed form by to Amelia Hall.

Fax: 780-496-2634 (Attn: Amelia Hall)

Or you can mail it or drop it off at the Homeward Trust office:
Attn: Amelia Hall
Homeward Trust Edmonton
6th Floor, 10242 105 St
Edmonton, AB, T5J 3L5

Scholarship Applications are due on Friday, October 4th.
Those selected for the Scholarship will be notified on Friday, October 11th.

*By submitting this form, you consent to having the information included in the application with the Local Lived Experience Scholarship Selection Committee. The information will only be used for the purpose of this application. Don’t worry – we will not share any identifying personal information, like your name or contact information.*


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