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This is the last week to get those donations in for No Woman Without.

Why should you support this super great cause?

- It helps ANYONE who needs it including non-binary and transgender folks.
- A menstruating person spends on average $1,773.33 a year on tampons or pads. This total does not include clean underwear or treatment products which start at $15 ea.
- Approximately 70,000 tampons are needed for people in crisis across Canada every month!
- Cold weather can also make your period last longer and be heavier. We live in Canada... it's cold a lot. That means more products to buy.
- People experiencing homelessness often have to choose buying products over a meal. They leave items in their bodies longer than recommended because they don't have product which can cause toxic shock syndrome (this can be deadly).

If those aren't reason enough to get your donations in, take a look at this video: The stats are different here in Canada, but struggle is the exact same across the world.

Both Find locations are happy drop off locations and there are others across the city as well. Check out for more details about drop off locations.

We will be collecting until February 29 at the Find Boutique on Jasper and March 1st at Find Retail + Donation Centre.


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