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As summer starts to roll through our great City, we recognize the unpredictability of the weather and how it impacts each of our unhoused neighbors differently. 

From excessive rain, to heat, to wind... we never quite know what the day is going to bring. 

With that, the need for housing is always high no matter the time of year.

We are incredibly proud to report that in June, Find was able to furnish 157 HOMES with community donations helping 162 adults & 93 children move out of homelessness and into a warm, comfortable and dry space. 

We want to take this opportunity to thank the amazingly relentless Housing First teams who are supporting participants each day and our unbelievable community of supporters who donate, shop with us and help spread the word. It takes a community. 

Please keep thinking of Find for your donation destination. We average 50+ units furnished per week and each unit receives 1 apartment sized kitchen table, 4 chairs, 1 dresser per bedroom, one love seat or light couch and a TV (and a myriad of other items, but these are the ones that are the most costly and that we struggle to keep inventory of). If we do not get these items donated, we have to purchase them or get creative with other items that aren't exactly supposed to be used as these items. It can be incredibly costly to purchase new items for Housing First, especially now that manufacturing costs have gone up and availability is limited.

Please keep telling your friends and family about us and encouraging them to donate at 5120 122 street anytime during regular business hours (we are closed on stat holidays) or set up a pick up with either Find (we are booking into the end of July) or our friends at hiregood.ca who can usually help facilitate a faster pick up at a discounted rate. 

Don't forget that Find is also accepting donations of water (bottles and bottled), sunscreen and bug spray to be distributed to local shelters, agencies and community groups in need over the summer. 

Together, we will end homelessness. 


Models: Patricia & Janine, Online Merchandising Associates

Chair art: Andrew, Housing First Furniture Bank Manager 


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