Grade 2 Tour at Find South – findedmonton

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Today we were honored to have two Grade 2 classes from Michael A. Kostek School come to our south side location to take a tour of our facility. 

We had the opportunity to talk to 42 students, their teachers and parent helpers about homelessness and the different ways they can get involved to help end and prevent homelessness in Edmonton.
The students even rounded up some donations to bring in with them for Find.
They had lots of great questions about how Find helps in the community, why people experience homelessness and were blown away that in the 8 years Find has had a retail store, we have processed over 1 million items!
One student stood up at the end of the tour and let us know that both classes had made the decision to choose Find as one of their 4 non-profits of choice for their 100 Kids Who Care campaign and they will be donating some of the money they raised to Find.
We had such a great time with these wonderful young people and are so grateful they are taking time to learn about the impact they can have in our community. 
Kids really are our future.

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