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We've been keeping you in suspense, but we are finally ready to show off our newest addition to the store!

When we think about the work being done in Edmonton to support the Housing First program, we think about community. From the participants in the program to the amazing Housing Workers across 17 agencies who work tirelessly to find housing options and supports, to our community of supporters who are so selfless and giving. Ending homelessness takes a community.

This mural represents just that. The flow of service, the barriers, the support and the care that goes into supporting a person through their transition out of homelessness and into a HOME!

Within this mural we see the core principles of Housing First: that people have a right to a home, support is flexible and individualized, that housing and support are not mutually exclusive, that people have choice and self-determination and are actively engaged in their transition for their own success and that a harm reduction approach is used to best support every individual.

Housing First is not just a philosophy, but a proven program that has moved over 15,000 people out of homelessness in Edmonton since 2009. (Stats: Homeward Trust Edmonton)

We will keep working together to reach our goal: every person in a safe, comfortable HOME.

We'd like to thank our artist in residence, Janine Blair, and the team for the incredible amount of work that went into making this piece come alive!

During the month of December we invite you to come by the store and check out this masterpiece (we might be a bit biased!), Take pictures, tag us on social media at FindYEG and we'll enter you in for a draw for a $100 Find Gift Certificate. Make sure your account is public, or that you take a screen shot and send it to us so we can see it!

Draw will happen in January!

We will end homelessness. Together.



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