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Find has been dedicated to helping our community end homelessness for over 9 years. 


We are so proud to be partners in the Housing First program in Edmonton and are committed to helping as many people as possible move out of homelessness and into their own safe, comfortable space. 


We have recently brought our message to the outside of our Retail + Donation Centre at 5120 122 Street with the help of our friends and local community partners Makespace Group, Cowan Graphics, Language Arts Design, Artist Justin Kowalczuk and Adam Borman Photography


The front of the building has been wrapped in vinyl decals by our friends at Cowan Graphics and designed with the photography of Adam Borman by Justin Kowalczuk of Makespace Group. 


We have also recently added a mural on the side of the wall designed and painted by Justin of Language Arts Design that simply states: End Homelessness. 

This is the statement that keeps us going every day. It thrives the work that we do and is our ultimate goal as an organization. 

End homelessness. 

We owe it to our most vulnerable friends to continue to work hard until this goal is achieved. 


How can you help? 

Donate your gently used and unwanted furniture and home goods to Find. They will be used to help get someone set up in their new space or will be sold to community member who need it with proceeds going back into the program and benefiting those moving out of homelessness. 

Shop at the stores. We have a large retail space at 5120 122 Street (the home of our new mural) and we also have an online store where you can shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the comfort of your own home. 

Learn about different agencies around the city that are doing amazing work to help house folks and get them the supports they need. 


It takes a community, but we know that together, we can end homelessness in Edmonton.


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