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Hello to our fine FIND friends! (Say that 3 times fast!)

Happy June! 

Happy Pride!

Happy Indigenous History Month!


We wanted to take a second to talk about the amazing work the housing teams across Edmonton have done over the past month. Despite barriers and road blocks, the teams have forged through and found homes for our most vulnerable friends in one of the most difficult times we've seen. These teams are relentless. They are passionate. They are focused on helping as many people as possible every day. 


We are so proud to work alongside these amazing individuals and teams, and so proud of the incredible work and dedication they give our homeless population in the best of times, but most importantly, in the not so great times. 


In May, 134 people (108 adults and 26 children) moved out of homelessness and into their new furnished spaces! Find was able to furnish 98 homes for these wonderful folks with your donations! Amazing!


Although our clients can't be in store with us, we have worked in new processes to help us get a sense of the needs as well as the participant's style to send them items they will be happy with for their new homes.


We continue to be in awe of the incredible support we have received over the past few months and cannot thank you, Edmonton, enough for trusting us with your donations. We have been lucky enough to see the impact these donations have on those who need it most, especially right now, and we are honored to be there to help people find their comfort. 


Housing is HOPE. Housing is SAFETY. Housing is ESSENTIAL. We see now more than ever that housing is the difference between life and death. 


We thank you for continuing to make housing and ending homelessness a priority in our city. 


Here is a new way you can help prioritize that: A really great initiative through the Canadian Alliance To End Homelessness has started recently called Recovery For All. This campaign is focused on a big goal of ending homelessness in Canada, once and for all. Click the links to learn more and sign up!


We want to end this update with love. Love for all of our neighbors. Times are strange and the world is shifting and changing. Please know that we see you. We love you. We stand with you! 


Be kind. Stay safe and healthy. Take care of each other!


 Pictured: Diane, Furniture Bank Coordinator, Mikal, Retail Team, Yvonne, rocessing Supervisor and Maria, Processing Team


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