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Find Retail + Donation Center (5120 122 street) will be accepting donations of bottled water throughout the summer for our partner agencies to give to their clients.

With fresh water so readily available to many of us, it can be hard to imagine someone not being able to have water when they need it most.

H20 can be really tough to come by especially when temperatures rise and you are sleeping rough.

It’s a common misconception that cold exposure is the deadliest weather people experiencing homelessness face; dehydration during the summer is actually a bigger cause of death.

Staying hydrated in the heat is super important as dehydration can worsen pre-existing health conditions and cause some serious health issues. Having ready access to fresh, clean water is a luxury many people don’t have when they are banned from public restaurants and stores.

Help us help our friends experiencing homelessness combat the heat and dehydration by bringing in donations of bottled water and water bottles to our south location during regular business hours. 


Find will distribute donations to those in need.

Let's keep everyone safe this summer. 


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