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Find is so excited to announce Hiregood as an official Find partner!


Hiregood is a social enterprise owned by Boyle Street Community Services, a charity organization in Edmonton that provides services to people experiencing homelessness and poverty, and one of our Housing First partners. Hiregood supports folks who are experiencing barriers to employment and creates meaningful work and purposeful employment opportunities for them. Many of their employees are experiencing homelessness or poverty and to best support these folks, they provide on-site training, mentorship, and pay a living wage to help break the cycle of poverty.

They offer a myriad of services and we are proud to announce that they will be helping Find with a secondary pick up option for those who need items picked up and delivered to us quickly! 

Due to an increase in Housing First furnishing requests, Find has fewer available pick up slots available each week. We recognize that can be frustrating for a lot of folks who need items out of their space quickly. That's where Hiregood comes in! 

If Find's pick up timeline doesn't quite work for you, you can now call Hiregood, who are remarkably flexible with pick up times, and they will give you 10% off their pick up/delivery rate! 

Not only will you be supporting our most vulnerable community members with your furniture donation, you'll also be supporting with your pick up/delivery request! Win/win! 

Please note: We recognize that this option will not work for everyone and we absolutely understand that. This partnership is another way for us to support our community partners and get our Housing First participants the items that they need to start their new journey in their new HOME! 

To set up an appointment with Hiregood, please call their team at 780.426.0500 or visit them online at


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