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May was a really successful month for Housing First across Edmonton. 

Housing First aims to provide permanent, affordable housing as quickly as possible, accompanied by supportive services to help individuals and families experiencing homelessness. This comprehensive strategy works collectively with government agencies, non-profit organizations, businesses, and compassionate individuals like YOU, who come together to support the ultimate goal of ending homelessness in Edmonton!

When an entire community rallies together to support those in need, amazing things can happen!

In the month of May, Find furnished 133 homes for 210 people transitioning out of homelessness, 74 of which are children! What a testament to the power of community support and connection.

Every donation supports someone moving out of homelessness. Every purchase supports someone moving out of homelessness. Every time you tell your friends and family about the importance Housing First and the work that Find does to support this integral program in Edmonton supports something moving out of homelessness. 

We'd like to thank the tireless effort of the Housing First Workers across agencies who are continuing to support participants and finding new spaces for them to call home, as well as our amazing donors for supporting our participants create a warm, comfortable HOME.

Together, we WILL end homelessness!

Models: Diane, Housing First Furniture Bank Rep, Thomas, Housing First Pick Facilitator and Mia, Retail Supervisor 

Artist: Jasper, Retail Associate


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