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Imagine the joy of walking into a new home, filled with furniture and decor that make it feel cozy and welcoming. That's the feeling that 196 people experienced in February 2024, thanks to YOUR donations and the incredible work of the Housing First teams in Edmonton!

Through the dedication and hard work of the Housing First team, the Find team, and the incredible generosity of our community, we were able to provide essential furniture items such as sofas, tables, dressers and chairs to families and individuals in the Housing First program to set up their HOME. Each piece was carefully selected to create a comfortable and functional living space for our participants.

Furnishing a home goes beyond just providing physical items. It creates a sense of stability, security, and dignity for folks who have been facing challenging circumstances. By furnishing these homes, we are not just filling a space with furniture, but filling it with hope and possibility.

Furnishing 141 homes in February 2024 goes beyond the physical items provided. It has the power to transform lives, create a sense of belonging, and inspire a brighter future for those transitioning out of homelessness and starting a new chapter. Each home furnished represents a step towards a better tomorrow.

As we reflect on the collective efforts that went into supporting participants in their journey through housing, we are reminded of the importance of coming together as a community to support those in need. Since 2009, over 16,700 people have moved out of homeless through the Housing First program. Find is lucky enough to be celebrating 13 years of supporting Housing First in March by providing essential furnishing donated by YOU, our amazing community of support! By furnishing these homes, we are not just providing furniture, but also showing compassion, empathy, and solidarity with our fellow neighbors. 

Thank you Edmonton, for embracing your community and showing your dedication to those experiencing homelessness by supporting the Housing First program in the myriad of ways that you do!

Everyone deserves the right to HOME and together, we will end homelessness!


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