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Throughout the pandemic, the value of 'home' has been at the forefront of everyone's mind and hearts. 

We've seen our community come together in so many ways to support eachother and really focus on what is essential for a strong, healthy community to thrive. Housing is not only essential; it's a human right. 

Housing is safety. It is comfort. It's health. It's piece of mind. It's hope. 

Find, in partnership with Homeward Trust, the amazing Housing First Agencies across the city and our community of supporters, is proud to support 'home' for so many each day. 

We are incredibly happy to announce that in 2021, Find was able to furnish 1581 homes and help over 2300 individuals and families moving out of homelessness through the Housing First program with community donations. 

That's 1581 couches/love seats. 1581 kitchen tables. Beds. Tvs. Coffee tables. Even more dressers! Your donations are essential to the work being done in our community to end homelessness!

2348 people don't have to sleep outside anymore because of the dedication and commitment of our Housing First teams and YOU, our community of supporters! 

Thank you, Edmonton! We can't do it without you! 

These are great numbers and we are so proud of the work that was done last year, but there is still a lot of work to be done. 

Please continue to advocate for safe, affordable housing, advocate for permanent supportive housing options, talk to your government about the importance of housing our communities, support local Housing First Agencies with their unique needs, donate furniture, shop the stores, and let's end chronic homelessness in Edmonton together!


Models: Annabella & Maria, who have been with Find on our processing team for over 6 years!


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