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Today we are celebrating some pretty major anniversaries here at Find!

Every quarter we get together as a team to learn, team build and celebrate the accomplishments of the last quarter. 


Today just happens to be a little busier than most with a TON of really awesome find-aversaries (as we like to call them)! 


Congrats to:

Diane - 8 years 

Maria - 8 years 

Annabella - 7 years 

Janine - 5 years 

David - 4 years 

Darren G. - 3 years 

Joseclaro - 3 years

Ezra - 2 years 


It is so refreshing to see these huge numbers of years of service in a retail/warehouse type environment. A real testament to the amazing team we have here at Find. 


We thank you all for your service and look forward to continuing to reach our goal of ending homelessness in Edmonton together. 


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