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To everything turn, turn, turn...

Find is excited to announce some really great changes happening in our operations.

First off, we want to let our amazing Find community know that our General Manager, David Lopez, is off to fulfill his dreams on the East Coast. David has started a really cool affordable housing initiative using shipping containers with a percentage of profits going towards housing and homeless initiatives around Canada, and will be operating out of Nova Scotia. This has been a dream of David's since before he started at Find and the passion for it only grew with his time here. 

David started at Find as a store manager and worked his way up to General Manager where he spent his time growing Find and structuring operations. David recently celebrated his 5 year Find-iversary and was gifted a glass Feather by the senior leadership team at Homeward Trust.

From left to right: Susan McGee, CEO Homeward Trust, Heather LaRose, CFO Homeward Trust, David Lopez, Find GM, Allan Purves, Director of Operations Homeward Trust Holdings Company and Adrian Marana, Human Resources Advisor

Feathers are given as a symbol of achievement, celebration and connection. In Indigenous cultures, the feather represents trust, honor, strength, wisdom, power, and freedom.

We appreciate the hard work, long days and passion that David brought to Find and wish him all the best in his future endeavors. 


With this big change, we are excited to welcome Bev Latta to the team as Find's General Manager. 

Bev comes to Find with over 20 years of retail management experience and a passion for the work that we do. 

What Bev says about her leap into the world of Find: "I decided to make a career change which still allowed me to fulfill my love for retail, but with a mission to help others. My previous role at Goodwill Industries of Alberta has allowed me to follow my passion of helping others within our communities and balance my drive to still flourish in the retail." Bev notes that her children are her inspiration for her pursuit of leaving an impact on every person or situation she encounters. 

Please join us in giving Bev a big FIND welcome!! 


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