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Knowing how to pack donations for a local organization can be tricky. We want to simplify the process for you by making this handy dandy step by step for all types of items!  
General things to keep in mind:  
* Keep in mind what we can and cannot accept. For a full list, check out our list here. Please don't include items we don't accept. 
* Use sturdy boxes, containers or bags. 
* Keep sets together. 
* Label items that don't work or have missing pieces.  
* Don't over pack boxes - if it is too heavy for you, it is too heavy for us! 
* Clean items before donating. There is nothing worse than pulling out a moldy, wet item. Yuck! 
* Sharp items must be labeled and securely wrapped for the safety of our processing team. 
* Label heavy items/boxes as such.

* Use bags/boxes/containers that you don't need back.

* Bag or box similar items together.

* Please keep assembled furniture assembled as much as possible. 
* Keep hardware together and tape to the item. 
* Please label all parts that go with the piece of furniture. 
* If the pieces come apart, please label the pieces so we know what all goes together. 
* Please give soft furniture items a quick vacuum or lint role before donating. 


Glass or Fragile Items
* Please wrap items individually in newspaper or other packaging that can be reused by our team.
* Clearly label boxes as fragile.
* Please consider how heavy the boxes are so they don't get dropped. 
* Please do not donate broken items as it is dangerous for our staff to put hands into a box with broken glass or ceramic. 
* Please make sure items are clean.
* Please keep items together (lids, spoons, etc.) or make note that there are multiple pieces to the item.


* Please mark if the item is in working condition or not. We accept both, but it helps us to know what needs to be tested and what does not. 
* Make sure all the pieces are with the item and if something is missing, please make a note on the item. 
* If there is glass or a light bulb with the item, please make sure to securely wrap those pieces so they do not get broken in transition. 


Other items

* Please label if board games or puzzles are missing pieces. 
* Tape or use a rubber band to secure boxes so items don't fall out.
* We accept small electronics for recycling. Please makes sure to label accordingly. 
* Erase the data or remove your hard drive prior to donating computers and electronics.


We accept clothing donations on behalf of the Bissell Centre

* Please have clothing in bags and not boxes. 
* Label bags "Bissell Centre" so we know where these items should go. 
* Please make sure all clothing is in new condition or cleaned and gently used. 


All of these tips help make our process safer and more efficient which means that more items can help more people. We appreciate your time and effort in helping us to make the most out of your donations.  
If you have questions about a donation that you might have, please feel free to reach out to our team by calling 780 988 1717 any time during regular business hours.  
Thank you for being part of the solution to ending homelessness!


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