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December 2019 was a very busy month for Find and the Housing First program. We wanted to get as many people into their new spaces as possible knowing that we didn't have a full month to do so. 

Our teams worked tirelessly to pick up donations, get them ready for their new homes and get them out to our Housing First participants as quickly as possible. 

Our Housing First team booked as many appointments as they could, even missing their own lunches some days, to make sure people got the items they needed before the holiday break. 

With that said, we are incredibly proud to announce that with your donations, we were able to furnish 131 homes from Dec 1 to Dec 24th (17 working days) and help 200 people move out of homelessness and into their new homes for the holidays. 62 kids and 138 adults got the opportunity to spend the holidays in a safe, warm, comfortable space. 

We can't thank you, our supporters, enough for all your efforts in helping to make this happen. 

We are keeping the momentum going with 9 furniture picks a day to start off the new year. 

Thank you to everyone who donated to us over the holidays and please keep Find in mind for your furniture donations over the next few months. January and February are notoriously slower months for donations and we really want to make sure all our participants get the items they need. 


Pictured: David Lopez, Find General Manager and Jordon Rollison, Find Operations Manager



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