1581 Homes Furnished in 2022 Through Housing First – findedmonton

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Find is so proud to announce that in 2022, YOUR donations helped furnish 1581 HOMES for Housing First participants.


Edmonton, with your help we were able to support 2487 people (827 children and 1660 adults) move out of homelessness and into a warm, comfortable HOME!
This work takes a community and we are so proud to have the care and generosity of so many folks in the Edmonton and Treaty 6 region making efforts to support our most vulnerable neighbors. 
To date, 15,153 people have been housed through Housing First since 2009 across 17 agencies. 
Team work is what makes Housing First so successful in this city! 
While we celebrate these great accomplishments, we recognize that we are not done. According to Homeward Trust's By Name List Data, there are still 2,769 people experiencing homelessness in our city. 
Let's continue to bring community together, support our local homeless serving agencies and END HOMELESSNESS in Edmonton!! 
We can accomplish this. Together. 

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